let’s be real here if icarly were an actual webshow they would get bullied so badly


so while walking around New York City and interviewing people for a friend’s anthropology project, I met Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

we went into a diner to stop for lunch and they were sitting a few tables away from us.  so i asked really awkwardly if i could ask them a few questions for our project while they waited for their food, and they invited me to sit down with them.

they immediately launched into a sarcastic, rapid-fire, back-and-forth banter that i could hardly keep up without laughing my ass off.  it was awesome.  they were awesome.  dear tumblr i just want to tell you that i sat down in a diner with the Sprouse twins and they were absolutely awesome.




that is not a dog that is the continent of australia 

clifford went through a goth phase

It’s an art piece actually


Are kangaroos like mad stoners or what


if i lived in this hotel room id never sleep because the view is so amazing